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On this page, you will find topics and information we believe you would like to know about as well as frequently asked questions.

For questions about the site and its content please send a message to: utom@tomer.ankara.edu.tr

Question Why Distance Turkish Learning Center?

Question What kind of a language is Turkish?

Question How was the syllabus designed?

Question Which methods and techniques were used?

About Courses

Question How long does each course take?

Question What does "university-guaranteed" mean?

Question Do I need any books or cd’s for the program?

Question Can I use your site even if I am not a native English speaker?

Technical Features

Question What hardware do I need for these courses?

Question Do I need any special software for these courses?

Question Which Internet browser do I need for these online courses?

Question How can I install Turkish letters?

Enrollment and Security

Question I can not log in. What may be the possible cause?

Question I forget my password. What am I going to do?


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